Gourmet Cuisine

We believe every meal at the Nook is another opportunity to celebrate and learn. At The Nook kiddos are given the opportunity to enjoy eating organic, wholesome, delicious and exciting food. Because our cuisine is so enticing, your kiddos will start eating vegetables, fresh fruit, and whole foods like it’s no big deal! We start with the finest quality ingredients, authentic flavors, prepared on site by our skilled chefs and served with pride. Each Nook location has its own, licensed in-house chef focused on preparing fun and appealing foods.

• The Nook provides breakfast, lunch, and snack.
• We serve meals out of our own kitchen featuring gourmet all-organic meals
• We serve all organic food across the board
• We provide our organic home-made baby food and supply a house-formula and bottles. It is your choice whether you choose to use it or not. We accommodate breast milk and any other food or formulas you would like to supply from home.

Here’s a sampling of the fare your child will enjoy at The Nook.